Making vacation movies

I wonder if there is some addon /script that could import pictures with some fixed time display (ea 3 to 4 sec p photo).
But not as a normal image strip, but as individual pictures, so its still possible to rotate / scale zoom images.

ea to create the typical vacation movies.

Better check the availability of Chevy Chase.

whats that ???

I would start with the “Import-Export: Import Images as Planes” add-in. Then you can animate the camera to move along the track, or animate the planes. If you want it to do the whole process automatically, try copying the code from the add-in and modifying it to do what you want.

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If your images are sequential, go ahead and import them as an image sequence strip. Then use the Separate Images (Y) operator to spit the sequence into separate images. You can then use the Last Operator panel (F6) to adjust the duration of each of the split images.

Animate a bunch of stills in high resolution using the flexibility of the VSE? Then Use this addon

Here is the basic concept:

You Add a bunch of cameras with motion above images in the 3D view, those cameras are available in the VSE as strips. Its very flexible.