making warp

Hello, i’m a newbie in blender, and i am working on my first project, which is animating a bullet with a realistic warp. i found this tutorial on how to make this cool effect, but he only explained on how to making it look real, without explaining how to make these different models.

I was wondering if anyone could explain to my how this warp was made. You can find the site at:


it is a sequence plugin

you render twice to a sequence of images for an animation

one of those renders being how much to warp

then you use the sequence plugin to create the warped image

You might also want to check out the forum descriptions.

Try Making the warp using a transparent RT material with IOR itll create the same effect.

I can’t see any of the images on that website?!

It’s been up there for a while the tut writer probly took em off the net, its out dated anyways wit RT in blender