Making waves on the ocean?

Does anybody know how to make animated ocean waves for a surfer? i have tried using shape keys and that didnt work. so how do you think it would be done? thanks

You mean like a pipe? I think user Ibkanat had a small video of an animated curl; search his name and “wave.”

alright i will

i am not completely satisfied with my results… So it is still a work in progress. But would love to see what you come up with. Havent thought about it much till today. I was playing with different modifiers working together(lattice and curve). Was having trouble getting them to work together but Mike made a script that might make it possible to animate modifers…

Seems like there are so many ways.

the way I did on the video was a vertex array controlled by empties. With hooks on the top attaching a plane to the back of the wave. And a plane to emit particles for the breaking foam.

I wanted to put that into the fluid simulator for more realisim but never got that far.

other ways

I think that you could use bones and a lattice might offer the easiest control

the wave modifer just wouldnt work for a nice pipe.

anyhow thats my .50 worth would love to see what you come up with

im trying to do it different than him. im trying to take a plane and model the wave out of it. i can make the wave no problem but i cant animate it.