Making white enamel

I am looking to make an enamel as you would find on a white fridge. This is probably the most basic question…but I have trouble making the colour white. What settings do I need? :expressionless:

Ooh one even I can answer! :slight_smile:

In edit mode (F9) go to the Material index (Mat:) buttons on the left and click New. Then Go to The Material buttons (red ball or F5) and move the RGB sliders to the right. Then you might want to change the specularity and hardness. controls for these are down and to the left of the RGB sliders.

You might also use the ball in the preview window to see it better
(2nd button above that window)

Now I feel usefull! :smiley:

yes, but… i (and him prolly) have a hard tme getting it WHITE, any ideas?

Yeah, I knew it was a dumb question. It’s just that the preview window always looks so grey. Hmmmm.

If you make it shadeless it will go pure white. What I would do is use a pure white image, then add a env map tex below that for the mirror-like surface. Using the Col sliders to adjust how white vs how reflective. Just like making a marble floor.

White is incredibly difficult to control in Blender. It goes to various shades of grey so easily (and seemingly randomly sometimes…). So don’t for one second feel at all bad or stupid.

The white and envmap suggestion above is an excellent one.


Thanks for that tip…just one more thing…I am looking through the online help re: env mapping. May I ask some details of how this is applied? I have made image shadeless and added static env map. I guess that my shadeless cube would reflect off the objects around it. How is this implimented?


I find that adding a hint of emmitance helps get a purer white

K, what the env map does is take a snapshot from the objects Point of View then maps that view onto the object. On the texture window you can see where it says OB: Plane,(or sphere or whatever), that means it’s viewing from the Plane’s PoV. You can also add an Empty, put Empty in the OB field instead of Plane and it will snap from the empty’s view and map that on the plane. This is useful for when you want the mapping to be a larger, (or just different), view than what Blender decides the plane see’s.

Tokabola - good call, does make it nice and bright huh. Alot better than just going shadeless.

Edit: your cube won’t reflect off the objects around it unless those objects have Env maps too. Mind you the whole Env map thing is used to fake reflections because Blender uses a scanline renderer and not a raytracer. A scanline renderer renders what you tell it too and adds only limited shadows, a raytracer actually traces ray’s of light and render’s their effects in your scene. We’re talking reflections, ambience, refractions through glass, caustics etc etc. That’s why alot of the Blenderheads export their blends into formats where they can use raytracers. Yafray, Renderman, PovRay, et al.

Thanks Enzoblue,

Env map is working fine. I do have though sigh one more question. My env map has either too much white or too much colour and reflection. Any tips?

Also, where does one locate these ray tracers you speak of? Are they free?

Thanks heaps!

In materials you can change the values of the env map with the 3 sliders on the far right, and PovRay and Yafray are free, and are used quite often with blender. I would recommend using the ‘Extractor’ script, which you will find in Python and Plugins subforum, but first go get Python 2.2 which I am pretty sure there is a link to in there as well.