MakingOf: Blender Universal AC-DC Adaptor & Cable Tie

For years now I use blender occasional if needed.
Most of the time I’ve been working on editing existing mesh by fixing geometry and UV.
But now I wanted to try some modifiers and integrate them into my workflow if practicable.
By creating something from scratch I also want to expand my box modeling skills.
I came up with the idea of something simple to start with, something I know well, with simple hard surface shapes.

By constructing the mesh I tryed to make use of various modifiers:

  • Mirror modifier
  • Bevel modifier
  • Boolean modifier
  • Array modifier
  • Subdivision Surface
  • Curve modifier

I took screenshots for almost every step so you can see how its made.
Sorry I tryed screencast keys later but most times you see the “Last Operator” settings.

These are both projects I am currently working on that complement each other very well.
When everything is ready, the cable tie should hold the power supply cable together.
The coiled up cable segment still needs to be conected to the cable outlet path and the plug on the end. I allready thought of riging the cable to pose it - but I may do this in another program.

And here is my work in progress:

MakingOf: Blender Universal AC-DC Adaptor

MakingOf: Blender Cable Tie - Part 1
  • MakingOf: Blender Cable Tie - Part 2
  • [U]MakingOf: Blender Cable Tie[/U][U][B] - Part 3[/B][/U]
  • [/B]