Male body WIP (first timer :D)

This is the first human project so far I’ve done in Blender, I used to do a lot of work in Anim8or but I’ve made the switch to Blender. So this is the first day of work, it’s a bit sketchy and blocky but it’s never too early to get some critiques :slight_smile:

It’s a torso…


You’ve definitely got the shape although I have to admit that looks like a brilliant idea for a suit of armour. Keep it up.

I like it as far as low poly meshes go.

Worked a bit more today and got most the arm and hand blocked in. Both are still blocky, but I’m working toward modeling it quickly but maintaining enough of the form to make a good model that I can go back and work in more details for a smoother look.

Definitely share your thoughts about anything regarding the model =)


Good definition there but it’d be hell to animate.

Krayon, do you say it’d be tough to animate because the model is so low-poly? Like there would be a lot of weird deformations? I am planning on using this model to do some animations, so if you have some suggestions to make the model easier to animate I’d be really grateful to hear them.

Went through the legs and feet today. It seems to be coming a little quicker for me now. My main concern remains whether or not I’ll be able to go back into the model and flush it out a bit, make it more detailed. Buuuuut I figure I can tackle that after I try the head tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


that looks really good, I love it. 6/5 :slight_smile: Keep it up, youll go far :slight_smile:

Wow. That looks really good. You using any tuts or refrences?