Male Bust Sculpting Practice

Trying to practice sculpting so I can work up to making some new characters. This is a WIP that I’ll finish either tonight or later this week. Ears to come.

Constructive criticism welcome.

UPDATE: He’s way older than I originally planned. But now he had ear muffs.

The mouth and nose region is good. However, here are my critizisms:
The skull/forehead overall is too small in proportion to the face. The eyes should be near the middle or just slightly above. The jaw goes too far back, it should only reach to about half the depth of the head and the ears likewise needs to move forward.
Good job on the facial features tho!

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See I knew the ears were in the wrong place! They always are with me. Oh well that’s the point of my practicing. Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to try and finish this tonight and I’ll take a second pass at the jaw line and move the ears.

No worries, good luck on it! A tip is to look at more reference pics of the side view.

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Finished the practice sculpt. Focused critique is here: