Male Character study

Here’s a character I started work on yesterday. Started as an exercise in face modelling without ortho refs, but I want to take it a bit further and maybe get a nice final render out of it. Anyway here is the progress so far and some WIP shots:

The reference I did use was this dude from a Character Designs photoset (follow the link and go to Tatoo Expo set 2.

Great work so far! Only comment I’d make is that the torso needs some more volume, especially around the serrator/lats region, seems a bit thin for the muscularity of the pects & biceps and the ref figure.

Thanks Chipmasque. I added some mass to the torso. Also gave him some proper eyes, which makes the face a lot more readable.

I feel the model looks a bit microcephalic (too much face, too small and pointy skull), but it has a lot of character.
Great work!
I feel jealous of your skills.

I like your char!

Wahou !! Great start Ben !
I know this nice tut…I know it’s not the same soft, but maybe it could have some interesting parts for you
Keep on going !!

Its going well. But, why do people do that to their ears??? I must be getting old…

Slow progress. Here’s the basic block in for the torso. Hands are a little blocky, but the proportions are mostly there now.