Male Character WIP

@Yusuf Raja - ah you’re right~ I’ll fix that :slight_smile:

I guess it’s been a while…but anyway, another update~
Some texturing and hair. I still need to tackle the eyelashes…and I’ll probably repaint the skin when I get my hands on a tablet :stuck_out_tongue:


Not bad Not bad
It looks extremely Good except for one thing
the growing beared
I think that you should just leave that out

Ah yeah…it was difficult to find a photo texture without stubble…I probably will be repainting the skin though~

Still felt there was something wrong with his face…so back to tweaking :stuck_out_tongue:
Ahh…this is gonna take a while…

Hey~ more tweaking and new textures! He looks even prettier than before somehow… maybe too pretty? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway…I’m having some trouble with the particle eyelashes as well…when I tweak the eyelid bones, the hairs either don’t move at all or go all over the place o___o

you have rely improve it! He is extracute!
I don’t know about the skin… something is of… maybe the SSS? I don’t know.

Hehe thank you, Tonatiuh :slight_smile:

I tried out another node setup for the skin (on the right)
I dunno if it’s better though…or maybe there’s not much difference?

i think they are ok just give a little bit chubby on the ceeks

i thought he was saitama from one punch man anime :o
tonatiuh is a hardcore. I really enjoy his comments

i have a broken hand from a punch… so maybe to much hardcore…

The right one seams much appelin to me, a lot more detail and the scale of the sss seams much beatter now.

Thank you for the feedback~
@nureintier - haha! I guess they shared the same hair – or lack of it :slight_smile:
And yup! I really enjoy Tonatiuh’s comments as well~

I did some work on clothes and had some fun with the lighting…
Really noisy for now…but I’ll probably finish up and do the final render soon~

Nice!!! He seems confident! like he knows he is extra cute! and cool hehehe

Thanks Tonatiuh :slight_smile: I’ve finished up and posted him in the finished projects~

Lookin good