Male Face

Heya, I’m looking for critiques, but am really not far enough along for the focused critiques area of the forum. This is a basic male face for a video game so numbers of faces count. I’m under strict order to stay under 1,000 faces as each character model needs to stay under 15k (including equipment). Any advice anybody has on this work would be greatly appreciated (and I’m down with criticism, especially harsh criticism). I haven’t messed with textures/uvs at all, I’ve just baked the basic color layout into the face. Oh, and the eyeballs are missing, so it’s a little creepy.

Current faces: 754


Side views as well, the front views are pretty useless by themselves.


the head is too long between front facial plane back through to the back of the head plane. The present proportions suggest a lupine character rather than a humanoid one.

It looks much better from side actually- as Ryan said front is way too narrow. I might be wrong but you have some unnecessary faces at the back of head- remove them and use that space for face details. In any case it’s bit early to judge- it’s surely a good start.