[Male Figure wip] [nudity]

Hey guys. I am so nervous about this. I am new to modelling, although I have done my reading up and have attempted a couple models in the past. I have worked on this for a few hours just kind of blocking everything out before I tweak everything to bits. The details are still very rough, but as I progress I will add more detail/tweaks (the mouth looks like he’s been sucking lemons lol). Once I get everything in place (next stop ears…siiiigh) I can really play with it!



I spent a little while tonight just simplifying the mesh a little and it’s feeling a little less cluttered, which I am very pleased with. Just trying to get into the swing.

Crits Welcome :smiley: but I am a sensitive soul lol j/k j/k

I look forward to hearing from you all! I just have to figure out what I am going to do with this guy!


Wow, you are doing very complex modelling for a beginner. The proportions on the face look good so far.


Hey all. Quick update. (Slightly high camera angle and a flat head I know lol) The ear went so well I was shocked, thank God lol. Still needs tweaking but I was so happy with the results I had to share :smiley: I am curretnly fixing the mesh to make it simpler before I carry on with any major alterations.

I still cannot believe I manage to do an ear! :confused: Previous attempts have failed miserably. The mesh is a little ugly though!

Thanks to the boys and girls (BeBraw especially) in #blender for the tips on importing etc.


Note: I am trying to attach my blend but having trouble. Any clues?

Here is my .blend for the ear. It has changed a little since I added it to the model, but it’s here for you to mash up etc. It’s not that great, but I hope it helps someone.


Update: Nuts to it. If you want it please PM or something.

It’s better than both my recent and definately my first model. Great job.

@Steve: Yeah, it’s complicated, but I really enjoy trying to capture ‘human-ness’? lol. I have just been looking at a lot of meshes and trying to figure stuff out before I got in too deep.

@Xchosen1X: Thanks man. This is not my first model. I will have to see if I can find it lol it was me…only much uglier :smiley: I have just been reading a lot a but I still cannot do eye loops to save my gizzards though! lol. (Btw, love the comics! “Warm and fuzzy chamber” lol)



Added both ears now. THough I think I’ve accidentally lost some details in the ear itself. :eek:

I also pulled his brow out a little and cleaned up the chin/jaw/back of head area…(The image is a little squashed horizontally I think as well. My bad :D). Oh yeah, I also lengthened his whole head a little. As you can see from previous images, he was a little flat back there.




Started playing with nose, mouth and jaw line to some extent. Bit of creasing going on due to small mesh sections. Can’t wait to learn how to texture this guy. My question, amongst other things, is what do you think I should evlolve this guy into? Hero, athlete, bum, etc. That way I know how to alter his appearance. I just need some inspiration :smiley:

And yeah, I guess I am spamming with updates lol. But I am having too much fun! :stuck_out_tongue:


Crazy guy…give him huge bulging eyes and looking as if a giant alien is about to kill him, yet there is nothing there…I think a scene like that would be great…OH!! Better yet…have a split image…one that shows what normal people see (the above description), and then another image showing the alien…so people will know why he looks frieked.

It’s better than any of the heads I’ve attempted! Nice work, misfit, I’d like to see it textured. :slight_smile:


Apart from eating too much strawberry ice cream, I haven’t done much today except play with the eyes and nose. Still a lot of cleaning up to do.

@3dak: lol maybe. Nice ideas. Certainly gave me a few even if I don’t use that specific one. I do want to model an alien when I get chance hehe.

@Milky: Thanks man! I am in the process of raising enough money to replace my wacom tablet so I am going to put off texturing until then (Soon though I hope), but yeah, I am looking forward to it too :smiley: As daunting as it will be!:eek:


Man, I’d like one of those tablets. Then maybe I’d consider texturing as well. :smiley:

I hate this forum so bad…

I need to model, but darn it, there is so much interesting stuff going on I get side tracked! XD



Body building :smiley:

Is his Jaw line off a little? Or a lot? lol

Crits welcome. Be Gentle :wink:


i think the head should not be THAT much more front.
but it’s looking good other-wise!

He’s going to be spreading his arms out so I can hopefully rig him. Is that what you mean? The head is too far forward?



Not much of a torso yet, but sprouting arms :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ideas for an image yet? lol. I need something quick!


umm an “third eye” tatoo on the fore-head and some mighty armor and stuff… is something like that what you mean under “Any ideas for an image yet?”

Yeah! Anything at all. Even if I don’t use that idea, it really get’s my mind going. He looks a bit like a soldier of some sort, but it could be anything :smiley:


Give him a beard, some hair, and some viking style armor