Male Head Render

Hey Guys,
Here is my latest project, I developed this while following along with Kent Trammel’s tutorial on creating a realistic portrait.

Let me know what you guys think.

Good work, the big thing that bothers me is the eyes, make them smaller or push them further back in the head.

Heres one with his eyes farther back, however, I changed the pose. Not really sure I like this as well though.

Are you using SSS? I am not a master of such myself, but I think with SSS and nodes you can get a more translucent appearance.

good job. some points need tweaking: the size of eyeballs is ok, but the size of iris is too big. the proportion body to head is off, meaning the head is too big for the body. great points: hair, pose, mood of image. topology of face is also great. shapes of face are good, but could be pushed a tad more to get a less generic face (if that is what you aimed for) … personally i liked the first posing better, as it “explained” his mood and the composition in the scene… if you aim at realistic, the skin shader needs improvement. as is it works however in this image. … nice job :slight_smile:

@Shadowlich I tried moving the eyes a bit farther back, not really sure if it changed much.

@Modron Yes, I’m using a three layer SSS. It’s my first real attempt at SSS though, so obviously it’s not that great.

@doris I tried making the body a bit wider, and making the pupils smaller.

Thanks for all the feedback, I’m goona have to call this finished as I can’t spend any more time on it. I’ll definitly try to bear in mind the advice in future projects as well.

I know you said you were not going to do any more work on it, but I think it’s an image that has some really great potential. As it stands now I actually quite like it. Hopefully you will find time to do tweaks on it when you need a break from other projects.

The SSS is obvious, I’m not sure what translucency he is expecting? It does have a bit of a stylized feel to it, but I think it works nicely with the image.

I would love to see the reference images, I had the same question about the eyes, but the more I looked at it… I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people with the flatter, shallower eyes like you have.

Something is off with the hair too, maybe the lighting setup. Looks more painted than rendered, again though, it kinda works for this image.

The lips colour needs to be tweaked a bit. To red and too much specular for a guys lips I think.

I think one of the problems with the body is it feels rigid. There is a sad/pensive feel to his face and then the lower body is standing at attention. Duplicate the look of the guy and then let your body express it to. I slouch a little, maybe it’s just me.

You could also bump the detail in the clothes textures up a bit. Move the coat collar up to at least the base of the shirt collar. Overlap it a little even.

Overall great work.

Fist off, terrific modeling. You’re almos there. However, it’s just the texture that needs work.
Try usin a higher resolution texture for his beard stubble-- that was what stood out to me. Also, give his eyes some sss-- right now they look like marbles. Sss will do wonders for his eyes. Same thing for his face. Don’t use a lot, but especially try to add some in his nose, cheeks, ears, etc. otherwise, great job!

@Yeobe1 Thanks for the comments. I defenitaly agree with you on the hair, it didn’t quite turn out as realistic as I had wanted but it still seems to work for the image.

@Anduin Glad to hear you liked the modeling. It’s true texturing is my weak point, I hope to become better in the future. The beard is actually hair particles, so it isn’t a texture map. Perhaps I needed more anti aliasing or something.