Male head (Surferdooode) update 1/1/05

Hi everyone,
i’ve been working on this for a while and although i am not 100% happy with the skin texture/mat (me needs to do more tuts) i thought i’d post this, done with blender & blender internal, oh yeh it’s also my first project aside from doing tutorials. All crits and comments valued and welcome :smiley: may I introduce Surferdooode

Many thanks to Shul for the superb tutorial.
I have really enjoyed making this fella and would like to thank all of you for your comments and tutorials here at Elysiun.
Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

maybe you’ll find this helpful

Hey man, not bad, not bad at all :slight_smile:

But I’m all outa gum!

How did you do the eyebrows? I’m stuck there with my charachter.

How did you do the eyebrows? I’m stuck there with my charachter.

Good old static particles.

  1. Copy the section of your mesh where the brow is or turn a plane into a rectangular shape & subdivide (ctrl & r) on the z axis. (first option easiest)
  2. I found the trick is to do one then shift D & flip & position the other, or the hairs all go in the same direction for both eyebrows.
  3. set up particles for each eyebrow

hope this helps :slight_smile:

need anymore info let me know :wink:

I did try static particles once, but I guess I didn’t try hard enough… I’ll try it again, after my current project is complete.

Wonder what this will look like with SSS? Hopefully it will come in Blender 2.37.

Very realistic skin . . . . I like the second pic better.

Looks great! The realistic skin helps a lot. Did you use static particles for the hair too?

DVirus101 & Jaycun: Yes I agree Shuls tut really helped alot, I was using a UV map before just didn’t really work out for me.

Yep sure did, I downloaded Fiber the other day but as yet I haven’t got round to playing with it.

I dout it will.