Male head


I started on this yesterday (I think), still got alot of work to do. But I wanted to go ahead and post it to get some input from my fellow blenderheads :slight_smile: The head will later become the head to the main player model in the commercial game project that another guy and I are working on.
I know the ears still need alot of work, I just put them together in a couple minutes. But don’t have time to do anymore work on em atm. But not to worry, I’ll fix em :wink:
C&C welcomed and appreciated!


Looks nice. I personally would lower the ears to align the tops of the ears with the centre of the eyes and bottom with the base of the nose or thereabouts but I don’t know if you’re following a reference.

The wireframe request is usually to check your faceloops but from the render, it looks like they’re ok.

The model looks to be clean, but as you mentioned yourself ears need more work, much more work. A lot of people become scared when it comes to the ears, but in fact there is nothing complicated. Good luck with the model and the project.


Thanks for the comments. And here’s the wire as requested.

First of all, your model looks good. In the following crits, I’ll assume that guys like Steven Stahlberg, John Feather, Martin Krol , Bay Raiit and so on are always right.
I see some issues with the topology. The edge loops don’t flow correctly. The Chin-nose orbits, the forehead-jaw orbits are broken up. There are 5-point stars everywhere.

Check out these tut, and you’ll see what I mean:
Google these guys I mentoined, you’ll find the topics they talk about very help ful. Stay away from Peter Ratner though… I bought his book, at first I liked it a lot, but then it turned out to be a waste of my money…

Do you mean 5 vert faces? Because blender dosn’t support faces with anymore then 4 verts. It looks like theres more then 4 because that’s the optimal subsurf wire.

No I mean 1 vert with 5 edges attached to it (=star).
In my understanding, stars are far more worse than triangles.

Finally got back to this, havn’t been able to do to much on it. But here’s an update anyway.

the mesh looks very clean, continu with the neck and try some facial expressions, it will be very nice