male human face

i am attempting to make a full human and i need some c&c on the face.i have already started the body and wil post that when i have more done


is no one going to reply:(

Well it looks great so far. No crits from me.

I think the neck is rather large in proportion to the head…also the head seems too ‘wide’ I think is needs to be taller/narrower. The only other thing is that the top of the head seems a bit too flat. Other than that great job! Nice topology btw.


He looks very strong. Not sure if that was your goal but it looks pretty good.

thanks for the comments i am working on the body right now and i will need help on that because i suck at making bodies

u could make the face a bit longer
scale along the z axe

and unflatten the top of the head

here is an the way i am starting on make a demo reel and am trying to make this character good enough to be in please pick it apart so i can make it look as good as it can.


Could you please post a close up of the ear with an angle tilted slightly up?

here is the shot of the ear


That’s what I saw but wasn’t sure: There is an angle that could get smoothed. Try putting your thumb in your ear (go easy :slight_smile: ) The place where it perfectly fits is what I’m talking about. Also about the brow, I 'm not sure this six edged star in the middle will animate well. I’d be interested to know if you find out that it does without creating any artifact at no more than 3 subdivision levels. His flat top of head is noticeable, but I guess you chose to keep it like that. Overall I like it so far.

not really sure what part of the ear you are talking about maybe you could circle it in the picture but i will work on it and see if i fix it