Male Reference Photos

Okay, already asked this in WIP’s, but desperatley need Free Male Reference images front and side, so please don’t be haten’ me mods. :slight_smile: I did google but after 2-3 hours nothing, so please help. I don’t have a digital camera, nor do I have the money, so help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Edit: Woke up this morning and realized joke was in bad taste.

Would some male (and female) head references help, as well as some clothed shots?

if so…

rndrdbrian: Great link. Bookmarked. Thanks.


rndrdbrian, your a real life-saver, Thanks!

For over a year have been trying to find a specific pose (OK, off-and-on) to revise a nude (about 1/5th of painting) in a large super-real-surreal painting. I painted the nude male years ago from memory and not ‘exactly’ anatomically correct, muscuoskelital glitches. You see the figure is very crouched, about to throw a spear. “Viewer” is “standing” (that’s you) about 8 feet (perspective) from crouching figure.

We see the figure’s right side and a little of his back side… top of shoulders, back of head; his thighs are parallel to ground and he’s crouching/squatting flat-footed ready to throw the javelin/spear (broom handle for photo).

I’ve looked for so long about to give up. Last night had a wild hair and wrote an ad in Craigs list for the above and in return favor for posing I’ll shot a few images the model(s) would possibly want. Yeah, not the safest thing in the world to do, but got about 8 responses when I checked emails this afternoon… so may do that.

Ideas where to look on line… or? Thanks Bill:confused: