Male sculpture (may contain nudity)

(Dani) #1

Hello everybody

I’m not new to blender, though i rarely post anything on the english forums. Anyway, here’s a caracter i’ve been working on during my exams: he’s rendered in cel-shading (the man is lit by no light, he’s “shadeless”).
Enjoy and comment.

100 % Blender
If picture doesn’t show, well reload :slight_smile:


(blengine) #2

nuthing shows, i copy n paste links, nope…reloaded…nope =*(((

(BgDM) #3

hmmm… worked for me, (copy and pasting link that is).

nice work there Dani. It’s a little bright, but other than that, very solid model. I like!!


(YAYA) #4

On ne voie rien Dani, rien de rien!!! :frowning:

(labyrinthe) #5

Je suis d’accord, on ne voit rien… mais j’ai peut etre une solution:
(il y a des "/"en trop dans l’url)

Nothing can be seen but let’s try this:

And my comments:

  • Nice cel shading on the first, How did you do thaht in blender?
  • Nice modeling

(Dani) #6

Okay, hum, I’ll post the links:
(it’s weird cause it worked for me…)
use drag and drop, well you know! (sorry for this, it’s tiscali… double slashes aren’t the problem…)

I’ve written a french tutorial for the shading technique, and posted it on a ng server, I’m working on my website hoping to be able to put the french/english tutorial soon.
A hint: uses no lights for lightning, only an “only shdow” spot to cast shadows.
Oh, the technique is based on one showed to me by Raf (frenchie!)
here’s the link to the french tut:

Amusez vous bien!
(have fun!)

(WizardNx) #7

Salut / Hi

Hey Dany, t’as vu que t’as des slashs en trop dans tes liens ca fait des forbidden !
he he he !

Pour voir les images il faut enlever une slash :slight_smile:

Have you seen that there are too slashs in your links ? Forbidden page !

To see pics remove one slash :slight_smile:

Bye !

(LohnS) #8

ahh i can see thwm now. but i could only get the first one to work, that neostakin or whatever.

VERY cool modelling, love it =D. You should be awarded it for best artist =P

(Dani) #9

:frowning: what a shame you couldn’t see the rest :frowning:

Anyway, thank you very much :smiley: . This caracter wills soon be dressed up and will have a role in a project i’m building, based on some of Carmina Burana’s music. I won’t stop till I have THE thing i want.
There’s just one thing which frightens me: texturing! I have hardly ever done this, but here I’ll have to… doesn’t matter it’ll take the time it needs.

I prepared (well XnView prepred it for me) a web page for those who still haven’t seen the pics…


(PILER) #10

nice… love his 8 pack haha

(blengine) #11

very cool, very interesting lighting =) great model too, great job :o