Male Torso muscular

Hi there,

yesterday i began to model a male torso, maybe you could give me some critique on that. This should end up in a warrior male.

The anatomy should look somewhat unrealistic and overpowered.

Is there a good anatomy reference ?

I’ve searched the forum, but haven’t found very good links.

I know that there are many edges, will smooth it out in further progress.
My main focus was the abdominal and chest area.

Thanks, and now the pics

First of all, this is a very good model, mine aren’t that good when it comes to body shapes.

now for the crits:

  1. the hard line form both side of the the belly bottom is that realistic, i don’t have that sharp edges on my belly (maybe cause i’m not a warrior :))

  2. the neck is a bit small for a man in that size, i should be wider to support his big head and probably the helmet he would have.

that’s it…


Thanks for the critique,

but as i said just a sketchup of what it will be.

Makehuman caan also come in handy as reference:

Muscle mode - supermuscular:

Pixie render:


looks good…but that doesnt look like any human ive ever seen, look at his thighs…lol there mental that guy is definatly on roids.

loooool! I know. Besides, Makehuman still hasn’t got the mesh-modify options available. But it’s a start anyway! :smiley:

This is a good place for modelling info. Someone recently posted a huge wrestler guy that’s right up your alley.

As far as modelling goes, no crits, but i have a few regarding the anatomical structure of your chest and shoulder area. Firstly, the deltoids seem to connect the upper arm to the upper arm. They should connect to the torso. Furthermore, your biceps seem to be connecting the upper arm to the chest, though it is the pectoral muscles that regulate moving the arm forward by pulling on the upper arm from the chest. the bicep should run from lower arm to upper arm. Finally, your pecs should extend further horizontally so as to connect to the upper arm.

Should work out to minor tweaks, but I wouldn’t know.

Thanks guys,

a lot of tips, i’ll give it a second look, but unfortunately no time the next few days, will post more on it next week.


Hi there,

it really took me more time than i guessed.

So after a few months of merely no Blender usage, due to my job, i found time to make some studies on human anatomy. I modelled the whole thing once again. This time i’m willing to finish it. I my humble opinion i advanced compared to the last version. Although not perfect, and still a lot of work, to finish the complete model, it would be a pleasure if you could comment my new model.

Here are three images of the new model, and two pics of the hands in detail.

So thats it so far. I havent modeled the lower arm section really, and havent resized the hands after joining the two meshes.

The next step will be fixing the above… Then modelling the feet and the legs and fit them into the main model.

The head will be the last thing.

So far