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…last night I rented ‘Mouline Rouge’, and I tthought to you…

man, how can you say than Cameron Diaz is a better actress (under any point of view) than Nichole Kidman???


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PS: we rented Shallow Hal yesterday (for anyone who wants to see Gwynet Paltrow with 300 lbs in extra). It’s quite funny and there’s a nice moral to it.

(gargola) #3

‘Mouline Rouge’??? uuuuuughhhhh! no offence but that movie sucks! he he! :smiley:

ps: if you like Nichole Kidman,go rent ‘the others’ (if you haven’t seen it)i think it’s better than ‘Mouline Rouge’. :smiley:

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Seen that too… but I love musicals :wink:


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Do you like the little shop of horrors and the rocky horror picture show then?


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I think the best film that’s a musical is “Singin’ In The Rain.” The best musical is “Moulin Rouge!”.

“Cube” is the greatest sci-fi! Best talky film is “Waking Life,” best math thriller is “Pi” (3.14159265358979), best math movie-that’s-not-a-thriller “A Beautiful Mind,” Second best math thriller is “Cube” again, “Casablanca” best romance, “Sunset Blvd.” great Hollywood film, “Manchurian Candidate” great paranoid film, “The Apartment” best romantic comedy-drama, “Some Like It Hot” best romantic comedy, “Duble Indemnity” best film-noir, “Memento” best murder mystery, and the best religous movies are “God’s Army,” “The Other Side Of Heaven,” and “The Singles Ward,” with the possibility of “Brigham City” (all 4 of which are Mormon films), “2001” best space film, and “Psycho” great horror film, “Bridge On River Kwai” great war movie, “Satalg 17” and “The Great Escape” great POW films, “The Day The Earth Stood Still” best warning film, “Charly” great based-on-possible-science-fact-sci-fi, “Day The Earth Stood Still” a great nuclear bomb warning, and “The Graduate” is the best sex comedy-drama! Great recent “twist” movies are “The Sixth Sense,” “Unbreakable,” “The Others,” great war comedy is “Dr. Strangelove,” and the second greatest is “Duck Soup!”

PS: The best film ever is “Cube!”

PSS: I went way off topic on an off topic forum!