Malfunctioning Seqencer

I have a big problem with the sequencer.
Everything gets randomly out of sync when I render a clip, I have no clue why?!
I try to match up the audio with the video trough the sequencer viewer, but when I render it out its all messed up in certain places, while the video is all one clip!
Please help, It’s driving me insane!

What I did is, I made a one big video out of small clips I recorded in a game.
Then I put them in the sequenser, together with a song. then I cut the clip so that it is sychronized with the beat of the song. Then I added sound effects and rendered the clip. I watched that and it was OK.
Then I took that clip and opened it in the compositor, added custom color correction and other effects, and rendered that.
Then I opened that clip again and added the sound back into it, and it is all messed up.
The framerates are all the same, everything is the same and the out-of-sync parts are all completely random.
Some parts are great on track but others are 5 seconds late.
I have rerendered the composited file 4 times now, which is very slow and painfull and has taken me up to 12 hours of waiting so far.
Deinterlacing the video clip doesnt work.

I’ve spent 5 full days on this project, and now that it doesnt work I litteraly feel sick about it.

PS. Is there any other video-editing software for linux that does good special effects?

Let me guess, you are not using a frame sequence for the source video? The biggest cause of sync failure is the video codec the source video uses. Many are heavily compressed and don’t really have discreet timecode, therefore their time stamps are… flexible to say the least.

I really suggest converting footage to a stable (larger file size) format first, or render out to frame sequences (perhaps proxies). Check some posts on the blog in my sig.

Hey 3point, thanks for the reply.
Yes the codec has seemed to be the problem, I rerendered the source video and its all fine and dandy now.
Thanks a lot!