Heres what I’ve been working on in the last few days. He’s called Malik. Base and retopo is blender, sculpt is zbrush.

I want to render him in cycles, but I’m having a weird problem with the displacement modifier and map generated by zbrush. For some reason, when adding the displace it will be fine, then a few minutes later it will flip, and go all funky. Once I figure the problem out i’ll render him in blender.

So in the meantime heres the zbrush BPRs. His eyes are just painted spheres so they need work, and the hair is badly combed zbrush fibre mesh.

Looks great, nice textures. Perhaps the bottom of the lower lip is a bit sharp. I don’t think the edge should be as well defined as the upper lip is.

crazychristina - good point thanks, I’ll soften it up