Mall Interior

This is for a project at the firm i’m interning for… i have only about two more days to finish it… :no::no:
So far- this is the state its in… I need to generate something like four five views of the interiors of this mall… And- the best part is- theres hardly any openings to the outside for sunlight… (so i’ve used AO, and only one other lamp, the signage and spotlights aren’t blender light sources) Any crits/tips on how i can improve this quickly would help me a lot!! :slight_smile:
I can’t seem to find any posts for a similar project here… There are some at cgsociety… good ones…
anyways, heres the pics so far-

Damn I had a whole thing typed up and accidentally closed the page… oh well
The point was: check out indirect lighting. only use it a little but though (not the default value of ‘1’) as it tends to excessively darken certain parts. It’s good for bounce lighting and therefore realism.
Another thing is that ever mall in my country has some sort of skylight that runs the full length of the building, letting in natural light, not only to make the building more aesthetic but also obviously helping with lighting.

I tried with the indirect lighting… but i didn’t get results worth showing… and, it takes almost 8-10times the amount this scene takes to render without indirect lighting… Heres a render to show progress made today… work is going very slow as you can see… and i have to have it ready in just a little over a day…
I should have been working on post processing the render on photoshop right now… will put the people and plants on ps… anyways- here the image (with basic editing on ps… only colors, and a little glow)

i think you should bring out some deeper colours, realism isn’t always essential, but make the image look pleasing is, and it looks a little bland atm.

your glass looks a little wierd, more like semi-trans plastic… i would turn down the reflections on that.

also, and this could be my catch phrase: try adding a small bit of lens distortion to break up the perfectly straight lines.

Looks real good!

I would use area lights for the bounce lighting. you have way better control that way. and less render time

thank you! considering using area lights… maybe parent it to the signage or something… but, i’ll end up having almost 300+ then… doubt it would keep render times as low as i want though…
@Casio- you’re right about the realism not being essential… whats more important is it should just look good… i’m sorry, but i didn’t get what you mean by deeper colors… do you mean darker? or high saturation??
need to tone down the glass reflectivity… and add in stuff like defocus, chomatic abberation… some sparkle…
will put up an update soon

update to show progress…
comments always welcome… although i’m really short of time now… i have to have two more renders ready… and have to populate them on ps… Have tomorrow to finish this…

I meant… make the colours look less washed out… if you get what I mean…?

but the scene looks awsome now, and is also much more realistic, but that Dof is way too harsh…

P.s: like the lanterns, nice touch :wink:

Yeah besides the Dof being to harsh, it looks great!

Dof is still harsh… and maybe i can make that one last correction before i call this finished… Here are the two final views…

with the added people, it looks pretty good.

it’s a very nice visualisation, well done :smiley:

the people you added kinda throw it off… the ones in the back should be a bit smaller and the one in the front a bit bigger, to preserve the perspective…

maybe you should place some empty planes in the spots where people are supposed to be on a quick render without any effects to make sure the sizes match up.

although i haven’t changed the people… stuck with other work right now, sorry… here’s the final color corrected image:

Thanks a lot for all the crits… really helped make this a lot better than i expected :slight_smile:

the mall seems to be really big .

Nice result, hope all went well with your client! I am also trying to use Blender Internal and it’s good to see others using it too in a serious way.

The reflectivity on the floor is a distraction. you might want to dial it down some. the reflection is also soaking the saturation out of the bottom floor texture (especially in the scene with the circle design on the floor) which is unfortunate. I actually have a couple projects a lot like this. I’d also dial down the Glare down some. Suff that isn’t light is picking it up and blowing out already hot areas. If you want the lights to have glare, set them to a different render layer, and apply the glare to just that render layer before mixing the lights and the rest of the scene.

make sure that the company you are working for is “ok” with you posting photos on here…
just in case… i know some people that have been in trouble for stuff like this, even if the company is not using the models as much as just practice for you…

nice job though

Ah, this just keeps looking better and better.