"Maloyo" rig available to download

Hi if you were interested on the WIP rig I posted about in Blender Test forum, you can now give it a try yourself.


Rig, test character model and script can be downloaded from here

(lo mismo en español aqui)

Instructions and some videos are available in link above as well. This is version “0.1” since I still plan to add lots of stuff…once I get it working. This version has smooth IK/FK blending for arms and head, keyframe options to animate constraints automatically, different pivots for foot rotation and layer management for clean look.

Feedback is welcome :yes:



PD: Blend updated to use new SetPivot from PythonAPI (v 0.1b)

i think it was yesterday that i happened to your site and noticed it… :wink:
and i like what i see… its a darn nice rig! :slight_smile:

Excellent rig. Seems very intuitive and easy to use but in fact there are dozens of rigger magic and tricks hidden under cover :slight_smile:

Looks absolutely avesome. Is the script somewhat generic - applicable to other rigs? It seem you got inspired somewhere else - Motion Builder? Don’t have time to test it out now, but from the video, I like the locking, ik/fk switching, and the general quick interface(a popup with all you need for anim)most .

Hey guys, glad you like this baby. The script is applicable to other rigs, read the code and you’ll find where to make your changes. The rig itself is pretty standard (arm, head, spine and leg setup) so you won’t really need to change your own rig too much ( or at all).

As explained in the original post in my blog, “inspiration” came from Victor Vinyals demo reel (and his absolutely rocking rig). Don’t know anything about M.Builder.

@JiriH: I should probably make a video using this in an actual animation, so you can see all features involved…

@Felix_Kutt: thanks !:slight_smile:

haha, yeah Victors demo reel rock’s ive got it downloaded here in my videos folder, and i watch it every time i happen to that folder… that rig just makes me drool, it seems to work so smooth(i think its powered by magic)… :slight_smile:

Small update: the previously commented lines with SetPivot commands are now uncommented since functionality was merged into trunk (yay my first patch !). Also cleaned up code/rig a little bit. (updated blend in same link as first post)

you rule!


one thing that I can see (or not see) can you pack the textures please. I would like to try the eye thing

@oblenob: Blend updated (0.1c) with packed textures and eyes control visibility from Head bone. Same link as always.
@basse: No, you rule !

Very neat script.

As an aside, you’ve now introduced me to one of the coolest looking animated shows on the face of the planet with Pocoyo. I love you. It reminds me of ‘simple3d’, only animated.