Hi i need some help with a bit of a problem my Python does not want to work in Blender?
i,ll be at most greatfull…

PS: once helped i,ll show you my project once its done:

the solution is simple really, all you have to do is apply the solution to fix the problem! :wink:

generic questions result in generic answers. we need code, screenshots, videos, and blends.

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Blend? i,ll send an screenshot…

Send the code that doesn’t work, explain what you were trying to do in details. If you don’t do that who can help you?

i agree… i,ll provide one.

I apologize for the long waiting : ( im looking for the Multiplayer that i downloaded D: sry :frowning: while i’m working on this is there a way to make an no Python mini map?
thank you : 3

Not for achieving a live camera-feed :frowning:

BGE uses the (BGE Python Function) RenderToTexture for displaying live camera-feed on a desired object.