im again hehe, here is the blue one, his name’s Maludo!

Is a friend of Pajarrito and Carnerito (red one):

Another render!

and a Face Animation Test!

%| there is a video… but it sucks heheh

C&C welcome as always!

Looks great man! I wish I could rig characters like you have, but I suck at Blender’s rigging tools. Cool models.

:smiley: your characters have real character, these are very good, they have life and feeling, they really should be in an animation.

Well done!


I have mentioned before, but I think this is really good style.

charecter is awsome! do you use ramps or is it a blend texture?

:stuck_out_tongue: Cool character - make some SHORT anim :smiley:

i would like to see them in action…

m8, how do u do it!
They are so good!
*picks jaw off of floor

not bad…
in fact: awesome! :o
the blend texture makes it look like a million $$! :smiley:

whoa…for a minute i thought i saw a blue Yoshi :slight_smile:

That character’s got a lot of…er…character! Niceley done renders. Beauitful.

yep, a masterpiece!
And a perfect match for Carnerito.
I would like to see more / full views / different angles.

Yet another fantastic character venomgfx.

You have mastered the blend texture setup to perfection. Care to share some of the setting you use for it?


Fantastic character. It’s just waiting for a animation :smiley:

Is there anything else to say? Oh ya… how bout a wallpaper for a background? Awsome work! :wink:

Simply awesome work. Let us see the video.



very nice!! perfect work.

wow! thanks to all! im very happy to see all this messages! :smiley:

oh no, this is an old character, when i made it, Ramps did not exist yet…
and a blend texture? neither! is only a simple material without textures! :smiley:

All that effect is made by the Area Lights… time ago, i made this tutorial:
in spanish only :expressionless:

I hope you like it!
Thanks again!

Cool characters and perfect shaders!
I love it, and I don’t say that often :wink:

Sweet! :smiley:

I’d like to see a toon render.

Your characters are sooo cute - great design and very cool material / lighting - thanks for the tutorial.

Wow, this is great! They have so much personality, it’s very refreshing. :smiley: