man candy rig no linking library

A simple question.
I,m trying to Link the candy man rig to Blender 2.5. I follow all of the steps in the linking file tutorial, I manage to get all of the files but the rig doesn’ t move at all.
is there a problem with the rig itself or Blender? I,m using blender 2.52 r28841 Please help!


I think it does not work in 2.5.
But look here, this may help.

It work thank you, only one more question the only way to make it work is by appending the file(sift+F1)
is there any difference between appending and linking a file?

Appending brings the object directly into the file, makes a copy and tacks it on hence append.

Linking just makes a link back to the file. When you change the original file, linked copies automatically update.

That was very helpful thanks a lot.

linking does work - but the layers are locked.
you will need to uncheck the “protected layers” so the control bones can be moved

Well I, don’t know were the boton for unloking layers is?
there is another thing about the rig, after appending to a file, frames 1 to 3 have a key that opens the mouth and stays lock now this could be shape keys? I… don’t know what to do

See the picture for the “protected layers”

but the armature is opening it’s mouth because you will have an action active in the action editor - most likely the MOC (Mouth open close) action

change it to a blank action

it will be easier to start with the Mancandy file (rename it > save) and then append everything you need to this file.

if you append/link Mancady to another file you must also append the python script that runs the UI seperatley (it doesn’t automatically append with the rig)
there isn’t a way of connecting python scripts to a group


but the armature is opening it’s mouth because you will have an action active in the action editor - most likely the MOC (Mouth open close) action
change it to a blank action.

How do I change an active action to a blank action? that confuse me, is there a tutorial for this? it has to be something simple to do, I, been tweaking with the action editor but no matter what I did the mouth still opens in the first tree frames.
Please help

just download the file again

But: FYI
open the Dopesheet
change it to Action Editor
change the Action from MCdrivenMOC to a new one - click add new (make sure there are no keys - if there are delete them)

There are those who knows, and us trying to learn.
that was a very simple thing to do and the rig is now working with no problem, if there are any updates to the mancandy I, would love to try it

Bassam is working on a new Official 2.5 release

this version let’s you use the 2.48 mancandy with 2.5 AND you can still use all the old actions on this rig
(except you will need to key the new IK/Slider)

Can mancandy’s shape be remodel? I need a female version to make some animations for the eleven second club (I, don’t see to many of blender users in this place?) I, also understand that the rig is release under public domain but I, respect the artist work behind the rig. anyway I, only need a couple of versions that I would like to reshape for the rig.

yes it can it is licensed under

so you can adapt the work

to make a “FemanCandy” you will need to edit the “Basis” shape key in the default position
if you delete or add verts you will destroy all the shapes
so you need to edit what verts are already there (which might be limiting)

you still might run into problems with all the shapes reverting back to the original “man” shape
because all the “shapes” will not have the female shape
but give it a try and see how you go

You’re right the shapes revert to the original form.
are there any female rigs in cartoon stile?
I’m trying to save my self the hole process of modeling and rigging.

the problem is that the “basis” shape is female but the blend shape (eye brow up - or whatever) is male

when you blend the two shapes, the program will figure out the difference in location of ALL the verts and move them accordingly

so to fix this you will need to confine the blend shape to ONLY effect the area you want the verts to move

this will require creating a few extra vert groups, and using this to blend with the shape key.

How do you do that?
create a vert group with only the vert of the left side of the head (and do the same for the right side)
then make sure that all the Left side shapes (eg. squint.L, eyebrowup.L etc) use this vert group as the weight group

and of course you will need to do the same for the right side

there also maybe some other areas of the body that you will need to take care of

it’s a bit of work but not nearly as much as creating the character from scratch

I will try to do that. Now I’ve made a little scene for an animation. this is from a tutorial i found but how should I color/texture the scene, what is the best way to do it? texture nodes? map textures? what is the best way go around it? I have the image but don’t know how to insert it I’m a rookie with forums

search for material and texture tutorials

it will depend on your scene and how you want the materials to look
there are many ways to do the same thing - but find the way you like the best