Man caught walking his dog...

In the NUDE!
Edit: It was the man who was nude.
No “This thread is now about” posts.

Aren’t dogs usually nude?

Rofl. Don’t you think that is more bait for another doggy pic thread? =]

OK, now I noticed it was the man who was nude, not the dog…

Is this ‘Big brother’ again? Anyway, I’m not seeing that; I don’t feel like being disgusted.

EDIT: This thread is no more about disgusting things.

Dogs can be nude all they want, they never wore clothes and have been accepted as not needing any clothing.

Some people think they can get away with being nude, but it’s not appropriate in public in many countries. Clothes are not too expensive anyway.

And this is my 9000th post.

Let’s all celebrate for Cyborg Dragon turning 9000! And google turning 10, of course…

hm, sent to a mental institution for do as told by Allah, that should be illegal.(I’m not religious but believe that as long as you don’t harm people you should be allowed to do what you believe in)