Man dressed like George Lucas beaten and killed by angry Star Wars fans.

Basically a bunch of fans got angry after seeing the new Star Wars Animated movie burning their Admiral Akbar shirts on the sidewalk and then spotted, then killed, someone dressed like George Lucas.

It’s unbelievable, there were even angry fans outside the Skywalker ranch saying their childhood was raped where Lucas was holed up inside and had the ranch surrounded by armed guards.:eek:

“This one’s for Jar-Jar!”

But I like Jar Jar, why the heck is he so hated!?

This can’t possibly be real. Tell me this isn’t real. This isn’t real, right? I mean, going to such extremes!! Good God!

Another headline from that site:

“John Edwards Admits Fathering Clay Aiken’s Baby”


lol, it’s a satire news mag

I can’t tell if that’s a real article or a joke. Some of the quotes are just too… i dunno… stupid and hilarious for this to seem real. The guy doesn’t even look that much like Lucas. You’d think that the beating death of a guy which required SWAT interference and tear gas / tasers to break up after they savagely pummeled his lifeless body for nearly a half hour would have shown up on CNN or something.

“He was probably dead before his ice cream cone even hit the ground”. My god, that’s just so wrong. It just can’t be real.

EDIT: That’s what I get for not clicking around the site. I thought it was fake, but the fact that I entertained the idea of it being real now makes the whole thing a little scary…

I’m too damned naive :frowning:

Ha, how about that fact that the ‘abc news’ header doesnt exactly match the url?

Funny stuff… ho ho ho.

its totally fake.
the main page there is saying McCain has endorsed obama lol

And that he’s currently bathing in the blood of his enemies lol


Yes, it certainly does.

…You just answered your own question.

There’s an old folk saying that if you believe everything you read, you’re probably better off not reading anything. Of course, some sites seem to cater to the credulous.

Lol, Finkelstein??! That’s funny.

True that Orinoco. Hence when I heard on the Radio that the recent “bigfoot” drama was a hoax - I believed to heart then and there that it was a fizzer. Some folks must have had a hoot all along. Well if these guys walk down our local main street - they will receive the same treatment as the “fake” George Lucas . . . however fake the news may be.

Epic bullshit.

They hate him cause he’s black.
At least that’s what I heard.

Ya know I wouldn’t be supprised if some phychotic starwars fans, the kind that carry light sabers around, the kind that dressed like Neo and Morpheus after the other Matrix movies came out, the people who dressed like Harry Potter when that steaming pile came out.

You know those folks who live in there own little fantasy world that think they’re an alien/jedi/witch/wizard/Neo/ect., I wouldn’t be supprised if those highly unstable people did kill someone who looked like George lucas, cause honestly, I saw previews for that thing they tried to play off as a movie and I must say, it almost movied me to kill someone who dresses like a lumber jack with grey haor and a pedo beard.

But ya know what, I think we can forgive o’l Georgy boy for this steaming pile, it’s the first horrible movie of his I’ve ever heard of (other than the 3rd Star Wars).


ha ha

ah ye should have let CD stew on it for a bit - have a laugh lol

Okay I saw the link posted on CGSociety by a respectable member who was active in the topic about the movie. I didn’t know the site was satire.

Did you, in fact, read the site?


“All material is satire and ©2005-2008 by Crystal Air Productions”

Printed clear as day on the bottom of the page…

But yah that was hilarious, and what makes it all the better is the guy in the photo looks nothin like Lucas…

Although I havn’t seen “Clone Wars” yet, I definitly will once I get some money (lol). I really like the style they did it in. But anyway lets not turn this into one of those topics (By which I mean the massive amounjt of Hate topics, from people who havn’t even seen the film…)

Some more “satire” sites:

Just because its on the net and posted by someone doesn’t mean it is Fair and Balanced, Up to the Minute, Breaking News, or any other quick little slogan you can come up with. While some sources are more outlandish than others, they are generally just telling you what you want to hear. After all, you are more likely to listen to it if you agree with it. Your site was simply giving the “I want George Lucas dead, preferably by a swarm of geeks” demographic something to read. I’m sure there is another one saying that George Lucas was killed by a Grue.(He was warned to stay out of that dark room…)