Man flips over

(SimonK) #1

Well he jumps up and over, … just a little test. My first time using an IK system for feet and fingers.

It is meant to loop, but that works better in Blender than Windows Media Player.

I used armatures for basic mouth opening and eyebrows, but I think I will go back to RVK for mouth and facial expressions. In fact, I think I will try and do a more stylised character rather than one like this one.

Anything that you do/don’t like, let me know. Thanks.

(kaktuswasse) #2

looks great. The only thing to crit would be that he waits a bit too long before he jumps.

cya henrik

(SimonK) #3

Yeah… you could be right there. He’s meant to be getting ready… you know focusing his energy… I think I held it for 3 frames (with a slight move in the chest/head bones), but maybe I should take the hold back a frame. Thanks for looking.

(harkyman) #4

That’s a really nice flip move. Maybe include a deep, chest-expanding inhale/exhale as he readies himself.