Man-I-Can short film project!

(ZanQdo) #1

Man-I-Can is a short film project hosted by Blenducation which aims not only to produce a cool film but to teach and involve anyone interested in the Blender community into shortfilm making.

Think of it as an open movie, but instead of focusing on improving Blender it focuses on teaching and sharing the development process!

Current team members are:

David Hickson aka Dipingo, USA:Traditional artist turned into CG. BFCT that has dedicated a lot of time and strength to teaching the blender ways in hes website blenducation. He’s the man with the vision!

Daniel Salazar aka ZanQdo, Costa Rica: let’s avoid self introductions (: Reel and Portfolio

Lead animator/Storyboard
Sarah Laufer aka Pataz, Costa Rica: Sundance Festival 2011 nominee. Graduated from Supinfocom animation school. She is new to the Blender community and has a lot to teach us! Reel and Portfolio

Milan Stankovic aka blendgfx, Serbia: Has been doing CG for the past five years, focusing primary on 3D visualizations and modeling, also experienced in UV Mapping, texturing, lighting and rendering. Portfolio

Luis Gadea aka Gadeaster, Costa Rica: CG and traditional animator with plenty of experience in production. He is now specializing in traditional animation at Vancouver Film School. Blog, Vimeo & Gallery

You are all welcome to dive in and share this experience with us!
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(ZanQdo) #2

WIP character models. Rendered in Cycles, our engine of choise!

keep tuned to detailed progress in the FB album

(kbot) #3

Wowsers! It seems you have everything going for you here. I for one am quite excited about this, despite only learning about when I clicked on the thread. It seems that there is a wonderful learning experience for everyone, and I like the openness of your invite. Very professionally done!

(ZanQdo) #4

Thank you for your words of support! Feel free to ask any questions to me or the others, I’ll pass them over :slight_smile: now back to having fun with cycles :smiley:

(ZanQdo) #5

I like to get the whole thing complete (but not done) as fast as possible, so that I can see the whole picture and start to change things and solve design details. Here’s how the arm stand right now :slight_smile: hope you like!

(Renderluz) #6

I dig this a lot, show more!

(ludemi84) #7

great textures which Blender build are you using?

(eko) #8

Great,we wait show more !

(MSZ) #9

Guys, I’d like to paricipate as an animator. I’m a beginer, but willing to learn a lot.

(edwardochieng) #10

I too would love to see how thing are going on especially in texturing, lighting and rendering

(Cedal) #11

Awesome! but 1 thing: the cork looks a bit stretched.

Good to see the Cycles render being used.

(Morrissey) #12

Fantastic project.

(clecle) #13

What are the programs/media you’re using on this project to share and comunicate with each other?

(AnaRCHist) #14

i am more than willing to join if i can…i started blender only 6 months ago and i have zero experience in animation…but i am willing to learn…

(Modron) #15

Looking awesome, man, I just have one observation, which is that the grain on the right arm and foot are going in the wrong direction.

(ZanQdo) #16

Thank you all for the feedback, it’s very appreciated! we feel like this wasn’t a crazy idea after all :slight_smile:

OK so added some nice touch to the thimble and “solved” the left arm in the girl, also check out those sexy socks! I think the items that still need to be solved (white temp spheres) are small enough for me to move on!

At the moment I’m not detailing anything, I want to do it progressively, see if something works together with the “whole” and if it does, finish it. IE: no UV maps yet, it’s all quickly mapped by projections and almost everything is simple procedurals :slight_smile:

At this stage Luis is back designing, this time it’s the environment, Well have some drawings to show soon!

As a small team we don’t need any complex communication tools, we use regular mail, facebook, an svn repo for the files. We also use skype and google hangout to a lesser extend. Sarah, the animator and SB artist i get to see regularly so is not hard to communicate :slight_smile:

About collaborations, that’s something we have to see at some point, it has been proven that collaboration can work but at this stage we are just setting the machine!

cheers and thanks again!

(ZanQdo) #17

Our designer Luis Gadea started with the environment and props!

and a couple progress pics of the room:

(Milan Stankovic) #18

Hello guys here is the first WIP that I have so far. We decide to start from the table concept. I hope you like it :slight_smile:

(Milan Stankovic) #19

Final look for the modeling part so far. Maybe will be some minor changes along the way…

(freen) #20

Looking great guys. I love the idea of doing a short film as training. Good luck!