Man I probably should just commit suicide or something.

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I have the same problem - I start things but never finish 'em.
For me, it’s the perfectionism. I’m never quite satisfied with what I do.
But that ain’t a reason for me to commit suicide, I just try to solve my little mental problem :wink:

Hmmm… that’s quite the little ray of sunshine. My honest opinion is that you should be making art for the feeling it gives you, and not for the kudos you get from it.

I’ve noticed that this is a bit of a technically oriented community, wherein a lot of people want to share their thoughts on the creation and process of making the art, more than on the emotional impact and joy of viewing the art. That’s a pitfall of sharing your art with other artists. I have much the same problem with programmers; other programmers aren’t impressed with my code, they want to tell me how they could do it better. :rolleyes:

You might consider posting your art at a gallery site. I have a gallery at Renderosity, and I tend to get more comments about the impact of my art than about the mechanics of making it (which feel good) whereas here I get a bit of the opposite (which is good, it helps me be better at it.)

There is absolutely no reason to discuss this type of subject here.