Man in a Business Suit

Well, not sure how to introduce this. I’m not exactly new here; but I haven’t exactly been very active. I guess this is the first project I’m posting here.

In the last few months I’ve had trouble finding the time to work in Blender (stupid college applications), but just recently I finally found some. My overly-ambitious goal is to make a (more or less) photorealistic image of a man in a business suit. (I figure you gotta (re)start somewhere, and ambitious is better.) This is what I’ve got so far:

Trouble is, I’m rapidly (re)discovering how lousy I am at this. For instance, the head was something I made a long time ago, and I have no idea how I made it so good. It even has somewhat decent geometry, something I REALLY have trouble with. I doubt I’d be able to make it over anytime soon.

So then, the gist of all this: this project is beyond the scope of my limited ability, but it’s worth a shot. I guess I’ll be posting my progress here, and (even though I don’t know you all too well), I’ll be expecting helpful comments/criticisms. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to get you guys some screenshots of the (horrible as usual) geometry tomorrow, and I’ll update again sometime in the next week.

nice…two things:1) it needs clear glasses (which im sure you were getting to) and 2) Try using soft body for the clothes.

agreed ttansparent glasses, other than that its awesome, i love his face, very cool.

Thanks for the comments. :slight_smile: I agree on the glasses - they’re just like that so I don’t have to show you his crummy-looking eyes, which were a lame attempt at modeling actual eye anatomy (like in this tutorial).

It seems like that would make the clothes look a little too soft and loose, though. A suit is generally stiff (one reason I don’t like wearing them :p). I haven’t used softbody too much, though, so maybe I’m wrong.

The collar and knot in the tie seem to be awkward. I think it might look better if the collar slanted down (now it appears to have a horizontal edge where it folds over) and the knot in the tie were lower. The sculpting on the face looks pretty good, and the proportions look good.