Man in Man - Short Animation

What’s up kids.

Here’s my first short animation. Yeah, I said first, so don’t expect anything fancy.

Clickie here XviD, 13,3 Mb

Also a special big thanks and big hug to the person for hosting the animation the first days:

Wu-Man, thanks a bunch. :heart::heart:

Anyway, hope you people like it,


First post!

Downloading now…can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up for us this time!

Watched it now. Too good man! Too far out! Haha!:smiley:

5 stars from me!

awesome, great…

you always show talented skills and a great sense of humor :slight_smile:

Ha Ha Sago, fun and crazy, just great.

It’s a while I didn’t came back on this forum, lot of work ! And it was a pleasure to come back with that funny movie.
I liked the smoothness and the talking. I would probably tried to get a more “from inside” voice, but that’s really nice anyway.

Congrat for a first anim.

I agree with enricoderic, try putting in a little reverb

I guess that if you show this work to an animation studio, you’re engaged
Tecnically excelent
In the other side the animation/story don’t stand the movie lenght
But I’m far from the good person to talk about “toon” movies
I barely like them
Probably you should animate/distort the character more?!
Anyway, high level work

Great short Sago :smiley: love it!

Hahaha, great!
Just the right amount of weird, to make it hilarious. ^^

Could be snappier(?) in parts, though. Like more rapid eye movement… etc.

great stuff dude,

my favorite parts were
the baby losing its mind in the very first segment, cracks me up
the lines, “what a minute”, “i must be losing my mind”, and “i can still hear sombody breathing”, haha!

i look forward to more animations, more characters and more dialog!! by the way this wasnt as good as your other animation “man on man”…:eek:

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I love it! Ist that made from your image for that contest… That… hm… the one where i asked a super idiotic question… hmm… whatever… Love the movie… hahahahah

oh and how do you go about moddeling hands?

Five stars. Enough said.

What in the world?! That must be one of the wackies 3d animation I’ve ever seen. Freaking weird and awesome!

Great!!! 5 starts.

[offtopic]Oh and by the way.
I started work on my version of Super Wu. Hope you don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue: [/offtopic]

really cool! funny bit of animation, even if I lost my lunch :slight_smile:

That was fun, Sago! :slight_smile:

That’s a nice animation ! But when will the insided character get out ? :smiley: !
When I watched it for the first time, I could feel his hand in my mouth ! lol :wink: !

Very good work again ! :slight_smile: !


Very good looking skin by the way. Would be cool to see that animation done with an SSS shader.


You know, the more I look at the animation the better that skin looks. Wow. Did you use SSS?

That was awesome, man!