Man Meets Monster - My First Blender animation. Thanks to Grant Abbitt

Hi, this is my first post :slight_smile: :wave:
This was my first Animation created with Blender by following the fantastic beginners tutorial by Grant Abbitt

Grant’s Tutorial Series:


Welcome to BA :slight_smile:

You’ve chosen a good teacher to start your journey. Grant is always my first recommendation for beginners looking for tutorials. Good luck, and have fun with Blender :grin:


Yeah Grant is great alright. This was my first anim from about 2 years ago now and he really helped me get to grasps with getting used to all the many methods and features of Blender! I’ll be posting more of my work from over the last couple of years in the next few weeks to build up my portfolio here.

Thanks for the welcome, (and for the great resource here at BA!) :+1:

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