Man Of Steel

new one

Thanks to those people who help me to improve my project,Thanks guys.


Awesome work!
I think he has a little bit of a childish face but all in all stunning :slight_smile:

He looks great. I think he’s got more of a wolfish face to be honest but still great work

nice artwork and good to see SSS!!!

Nice Work!

Huge improvement over the earlier renders. Really well done. The SSS on the face seems to be a bit over-done but i don’t think that’s taking anything away from the image. Everything else - textures, lighting, even the pose is top notch. Great to see good work from India.

thanks for yours feedback guys.Glad you like it…:yes:

Very nice work, however his arms are a little short in comparison to his legs, perhaps it’s the shoulder definition that gives it this appearance though?

Really liking this, keep it up!

Thanks @Netroxen

5, Excellent. Top art.

great improvement:)

Thanks for the comment guys!!

whats up with such tiny arm for superman:no:

:smiley: my hero!!! great work!

I don’t know if just me, but the shoulders look lower than they should be. I also agree with previous poster that arms look quite short. His face also looks a bit too aggressive for Superman.

Overall a good render.

Yup, I think you are right. I’m still learning about human structure. thanks

I appreciate your response… Thank you guise.

Here is another model…

wow! Absolutely flawless great work! I love the lighting. it really gives that heroic feel. and the suit looks exactly like the movie. Outstanding! Man of steel is my #1 movie!

Great work Rakesh!!!The lens flare on logo looks awesome.All made in blender?