Man on the Moon Helmet Reflection

For a school project, I’m making a couple images about Apollo 12. One will be the rocket launch and then this one is a helmet reflection of the American flag stuck in the sand:

But right now, I don’t think it looks much like a helmet or a reflection. Any suggestions?

Are you mapping an image texture to get that reflection, or are you using an image mapped plane for the helmet to reflect? If you are using the former, you can turn down the amount the texture affects the color and see if you can get a better reflection feel - also, the material setting doesn’t appear to be set as hard as it should, that specular highlight should be stronger and harder a bit. Or not, your call.

Yep, i’m just mapping an image texture. OK, I changed it a little. Also I was thinking, maybe i need to show more of the astronaut so the viewer knows that its an astronaut.

Here’s a pic I’m using kind of as a reference:

What would be an easy way to go about modelling the pack on his back?