man or woman idk yet

ive been working on this for some time now i just got the eye done and the working on make-lines of brow,nose and mouth…


almost done with bust.blend (941 KB)

it would be more useful if you could post in image as you will get more responses :slight_smile:

look at the file it still a work in progress

It’s quite messy, for all aspects of modeling. You need a different type of flow over topology, that martian topology will bring you only painfull issues, check tutorials from Blender Cookie -those are amazing- :smiley:

see what you can do with it, i didnt form the head right i was looking at it last night i just cant even begin to try to fix everything thats wrong with it. it made me mad lol

Have you tried to follow this tutorial yet?

and have you hear about the retopo feature?.


yes i have it confused the mess out of me. going to fast im sorta slow that why i quit school

No, you can go quad to quad, come on download any model to see how it’s made. Do some tutorials, you can’t quit school neither! wth?

i already quit school. and where do i get your model? right now im looking for a good blueprint help i cant find any tuts on them. i trying to make an Audi TT 3.25(i have been playing alot of need for speed lol

Good but life is the largest school you will know so you can’t quit as I said you!

Well, those users who build car models you can ask for help, there are blueprint links for sure so don’t panic, but blender cookie has a lot of technical tutorials you can count on them. I’ll tell you it’s attitude matter only that, you think you can, just do it.

well most of the thing that i have made just poped into my head. i wasnt trying to make them look real good, but here lately im having trouble getting in my creative mind of state. im not worried about it im sure sooner or later something will pop in my head. its just when… and i like your idea of life if only i can make that into a cool image.

picture this you see a guy but the top of his head isnt there just a globe of earth. but how do i make something like this and make it look good?

Ok, then follow some leaders, why some of them are succesful it’s because they do things that they like to do, simply. But they are also warriors always seeking for their likes.

Particularly I’m here cause i like modeling but in world isn’t enough the market is focused to animation and marketing, so i like animation too and i’d like to try see if i can be better,

EDIT: look for art, art ardvertisement, and things like that, what you like most you can try to improve it or at least thinking about why is it too good, i’d say it is something ‘standard’ you can start by that.

i dont like to animate i just like doing weird pictures and see what people have to say about them. ive done one and the only comment i got for it was “what is it supposed to be” if you look at just for fun i posted the same picture on facebook noone got the concept of just for fun

That reminds me

You really should begin with a very specific idea of what you are going to be making. Male and Female topology are very different in a lot of aspects.