Man Sculpt - "Gypsy" / Nomad

I’m not 100% sure what I want to do with this guy - was actually thinking of a “gypsy” / nomad feel.


But for the now just like some thoughts and tips. In particular does anyone know how to transfer the CGcookie tutorial into cycles for a realistic head [it’s done in internal engine] for realistic skin pores, etc.

Not entirely sure why the nose / eyebrow ridge looks so weird / flat at the front view as shown with the side the nose is shaped / angled to what is relatively standard … unlike my BG demonoid this time I’m actually using reference photos.

Some originals:

Some minor adjustments, face made a bit more primitive in appearance for lack of a better term.

Some wireframe - there’s a glitch on the chin, I blame the cut edit button [k] that I made to indent the chin

Latest updates

The brow ridge appears a little small and low, especially when compared to that massive jaw bone.

Curious - in what context?

If you’re talking European, yes it’s wrong. If you’re talking African, yes it’s wrong.

I’m not using Europeans nor Africans as models, my models are mostly aboriginal and native Americans with a handful of national geographic photos of nomads.

eyebrow ridge - one example

jawline - one example

Compare the brow ridge in the profile of your jawline example with the brow ridge in your model and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Or not.

You’re right, I don’t. Seeing as the jaw line example has his eyebrows raised in that “look of surprise” expression so of course they seem bigger and higher than they should be.

Just for the hell of it, adjusted brows.

I might aim more towards Asian / samurai than the original nomad concept. A proper katana blade, needs a bit of finishing, has been added.

Kuro, when sculpting faces especially anything fairly humanoid there are basic rules you need to follow. Thats not to say that the rules cant be exaggerated of course. Where am I going with this? Everything starts with a good base mesh…meaning a mesh the reflects the rules of anatomy. This simple head can them be adjusted to match a reference image by setting the image as a background image. You should use a side and front view image if you want to get a decent likeness.

Your reference images above are not good enough to model from with this approach.

I believe if you did try this you would see what Orinoco was pointing out above. I would also add that the jaw line is far from correct…its seems too far forward and too rounded near the ear. Also the ears are far to small for this size of head.

You can definitely respond to this comment defensively and say “not every face is the same” or something like “that’s how I like it”. But the bottom line is when you post a WIP your going to get criticism that sometimes isn’t what you want to hear.

Technique and anatomy is everything when creating characters, even monster and demons:) Its like a table with 4 legs but you make on leg half the length of the others because you think it looks better. Everyone who looks at it will know something is wrong there and also know that physically its not going to work as well as a proper table with 4 legs that reach to the floor and all are level. Now you can change the angles of the legs and make each one a different thickness or color but the fundamental rules should still be achieved for anyone to look at it an say “ya that’s a table with and interesting design…but it works”

Hope this helps, Happy Blending

I understand - and got a bit snappish I suppose seeing as between school and family issues my temper was short a few days ago [do apologize].

As it is, those examples weren’t my models per say. They were distance shots to get a generalized idea.

I start my modeling a bit different - I’d say than others. I’ve watched the tutorials and see people start right off from one model of a person’s face.

I rough it and then work down finessing the details… I don’t focus on particular features… this model for the nomad has had about a baker’s dozen of “snapshots” to reference right now - until getting to the tenth or 12th version.

Such as with this face - this was about 11th version before I started changing it to more demonic.

The face I have now is about 4th version down from the original. And is taking slower cause school - medical - exams go first than hobby.

As for the jaw line - yep I’ve noted it. I was aiming for an under bite look… might adjust it back to normal.

Also a lot of the old black & white aboriginal photos show more rounded jaws towards the ears… just for the record. I think the more defined jawline is a European / African trait. Though it does look odd so I might straighten it.

fundamental advice here, imo.

Happy blending

Oh yes faces are different.

Last time I jump the gun adding features that I wasn’t even ready to add or cut out. I’ll probably have to redo the face adjusting the eyebrows as it is.

As they are just ending up weird.

Not pleased as had to go back to near beginning stage to redo to fix the eyebrow issue - and that’ll be forcing me to redo the eyelids from scratch.