Mana - New Anime Female Character

(Epoch) #1

I finally have something to post here in the forums.
I wanted to really test Blender out to see if it would work with what I wanted to do… and needless to say - after learning the interface, it passed with flying colors.

This is my latest character that I’ve created… Her name is Mana
I plan to create a small animation with her soon as I finish laying out the story and designing the other characters.

I welcome your comments - Thanks



(darksidownz) #2

Wow maybe she should get some new clothes looks like she out grew those ones.


(Syziph) #3

Looks great! It has some “Shunya Yamashita” style in her
However- the clothes need some improvement and more detail.
It will be great if you share the Armature set up!

Nice website of yours :eyebrowlift:
Oh! And wellcome! (I just saw that’s your first post)
Maybe the clothes are fine enough (after seeing LingLing) but the cell shaded material hides much of the detail.


(BlackBoe) #4

So I guess suction cups are involved. Or some type of… tabbed insert. Or industrial strength glue.

Well modeled, though.


(Hsien-Ko) #5

I think the navel is too low and it’s also a dot :frowning:

Your arms also bend like a banana. This is bad


(kenshinw95) #6

Maybe those clothes are just temporary stand-ins so that “she” isn’t naked? :smiley: About the banana elbows, maybe it’s his style? It’s like the joints on “The Simpsons”. :yes: Toon-shading takes a while to tweak to look “correct”. Along with the “right” lighting conditions…
As, I found out the hard way. Speaking of which, I’m starting to work on mine again. Had to put it on hold while I went through some job training courses. :frowning: