Managing a complex mesh


I have a complex landscape mesh generated from a displacement map and a subdiv modifier on a plane (screenshot attached). I’d like to keep the mesh as one piece if possible. In the centre of the screenshot I want to add high detail so the level of subdivisions shown is necessary. But towards the edges, I need nowhere near that level of subdivisions.

Before I apply my subdivision modifier, does anyone know of a clever way that will cleanly give me less and less mesh detail the further from the centre I get? Right now things are very laggy, but I could improve performance/reduce poly count greatly if I could achieve what I mentioned, I just don’t know how to go about setting it up.

Thanks in advance!

Try to work with a less sub divided meshed and use your displacement map again. Subdivide where you only need the detail target mountains and valleys . Less divided areas will have trees, rocks, roads, house. Land is going to be under something don’t subdivided or clean up more and remove.

I’d start with a plane and subdivide(mesh->edges->subdivide) about eight times. Then select internal face and subdivide again for areas where I want more detail. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Then add a Subdivision Surface modifier to fix the n-gons and smooth. Then add the displacement modifier.

Remove the sub-surf.
In wire frame mode select all the vertices of the area you want to reduce then assign them to a vertex group.
In object mode apply decimate select the vertex group and reduce.

Thanks for your help all. SkpFX had the missing link I was looking for (using subdiv modifier to ‘tidy’ the mesh). Getting much better results now :slight_smile: