Managing animation

Are there any tutorials on how to manage the folder system in blender for animation. What and how many folder you need (Texture, models, etc) Does everything falls in the same place or do you make a separate folder for everything?

I’m not sure if this question falls in this side of the forum. Please help!:confused:

While there’s no fixed set of rules (you could put all your files in one directory or scatter them all over the hard drive), it’s often a good idea to have a project directory with some rules on where things go to make the project easier to manage. By default, animation data, meshes, and just about everything except for images and simulation data are stored right inside the .blend file where they’re created. It’s a good practice that will save you a lot of time and suffering to build characters in their own .blend files then append or link them into your scenes.

I generally just create a single directory and stuff all the texture and .blend files into it and hack away.

On the other hand it’s possible, and even recommended for very simple stuff, to do an entire animation, start to finish, in a single .blend file with textures loaded from wherever, then “packed” into the file so they don’t get lost.