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Now that many scripts are packaged with Blender itself, we will need an organized effort to maintain and update / upgrade the selection. We’d like to discuss with you all to find the best way to do this.

The basic idea is that we could form a group to take care of the bundled scripts. Everyone can participate, but those in charge must have good knowledge about bpython scripting and sensibility to communicate (aka being reasonable) with others, since the work will involve talking to script writers and developers. Making small updates to the scripts to integrate them better and finding out what is still missing that should be added are also part of the work. It’s a good opportunity to learn more about Blender scripting and being part of the program’s development.

Lastly, it’s an important effort for Blender, needed for every release from now on and shouldn’t take that much of each volunteer’s time, actually. Resources should not be a problem either: sites, forum, mailing lists, it’s all available.

There’s more to write about, but this is enough for a start. So to discuss now: how can we maintain the bundled scripts? Is forming a group a good idea? If so, how can this group work (resources), what else can we do?

The current set of scripts, also shipped with 2.34, can be found in Blender’s cvs:

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how about getting this?

and apply some general rules about comments, style etc?

There is now a separate category for Scripts in the Bug Tracker on

from tedi:

how about getting this?

A windows only, closed source, commercially licensed tool to manage a cross platform, open source, GPL / BL licensed project?

What a wonderful choice!

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hoy, rasta, angry man! ain’t it getting compiled with $$$ tools also ?

well don’t know, might be wrong, just asking …

If you permit i will take care of my own scripts.


Jean-Michel, don’t worry :).

The idea is not to take control of the contributed scripts. This would be naive, generating too much extra work for no reason. It’ll always be better to work together with the original authors, as I’ve done for 2.32 - 2.34, they know their scripts much better, of course.

The group should take care of putting the scripts under cvs, getting and committing updates, talking to the authors about reported bugs, discussing and stimulating some general guidelines to smooth integration, things like that. I’ll post soon a few guidelines, based on my experience with this. It’s just a start, open for comments.