Managing scenes

I have a scene called Library which stores a unique copy of all objects in my game. I would like to be able to link objects from another scene (the MapN scene) into the library scene to save memory. The problem is that i cant find any way to do this. Not during the game or while editing. Is there any solution for this ?

I think what you are looking for is the Append function.

Go to File > Append (or Shift-F1) and your window will change to something like when you open a file. Just follow the “steps” into another .blend file until you find what you are looking for.


That should help. Thanks.

Do you mean another .blend file or another scene? If you mean scene, you can “link” them by hitting Ctrl+L then clicking To Scene… and then click the scene you wish to link it to.

I tried that before but it doesnt seam to work. When i do that on another scene and then try to link an object, from another scene in the same file, into the current scene a menu pops up to choose a scene and an object but nothing is added to the scene.