managing simulation/ file size

Hey guys, I need some advice.

I have 5 different particles emitters in a scene each emitting millions of particles (dupli obj)

problem is the blend file is about 8gb, it takes many minutes to respond, even though it will eventually. It also takes many minutes to open and save the file.

what can I do to speed up my scene? will baking the sims, creating a new fresh file, and linking them in speed anything up?

what steps can take now or in the future for these types of heavy scenes?

my hardware specs are in my signature.

Baking millions of particles may take a long time. The higher the cache compression, also increases bake time. So it is a trade off between diskspace or time. You decide.

If you are using 2.68a release you may want to consider trying out the 2.69RC3. There was a slowdown bug in the Outliner that has been fixed and claims to increase performance when a large number of objects are in the scene.

REMEMBER: The particle system does have a display percentage parameter. By default it is set to 100%, but you can set it to something lower. like 25%, to increase veiwport performance.