Mancandy Bueller

Hello Blenderfreaks. I’ve been lurking about these forums for a while now, and thought I’d finally post something. A little facial animation test I did with slikdigits fantastic Mancandy rig from Project Orange. Crits welcome, please. I know about the horrible ooh’s and oh’s… posted this version before I figured out the pucker control on the rig. Found it clearly explained in Bassam’s blog post… Doh. Funny how enlightening directions can be when you actually READ them, eh? anyways…

A small snip from Ferris’s monologue.

Please, let me know what you think of his ‘performance’ overall… is it believable? How could it be improved?

Hi Bh,

I’m more an ‘audience member’ than an animator, though I’m working at it :wink:

The head movements look a bit too quick and jerky to me. This is exaggerated by the “dead still” body (neck shoulders).

“It’s a little childish and stupid”, the mouth is moving too fast and too much (IMO), watch yourself in a mirror while you say the same phrase.

“but then so is highschool”, is pretty good, again could be toned down a bit.

If your animation was a piece of music, I’d say slow the tempo down from 160 to 120 or so :slight_smile: