Mancandy Elbow Rotations

Calling all Mancandy experts!

I’ve been attempting to disassemble Mancandy and understand how the setup and the controls work. It’s been going fairly well but I can’t seem to duplicate the setup to make the elbows rotate with the armrot.l control. Unless I missed it, I didn’t see how this is setup in the Mancandy FAQ. I know there is an IK solver on the toparm.l to armrot.l with a chainlength of 1. I also know that the IK influences need to be turned to 1 on the toparm.l, lowarm.l, and on hand.l for the IK arm system to work (including the elbow rotation). I thought I duplicated the setup on my own rig but when I rotate my rigs armrot.l nothing happens.

So… (all frustrations aside) can someone explain to me what all is included in making the elbow rotation control work in Mancandy? I have got to be missing something…

Thanks again,


Wow. I have to admit, I’m surprised no one is familiar with the Mancandy setup?

If anyone knows, please let me know.