Mancandy -- eye help.

Hi I was using Mancandy and I was wondering how to get the eyes to look up.

]If I understand you correctly, then use the eye target bone. You didnt give much information. If the eye target bone doesnt work, you may have a similar problem as me. Check out this:

When I use the eye target bone it only goes along the x-axis. The 2.3 Mancandy didn’t have any armature.

I havent gotten around to downloading Mancandy 2.3, but did you check the other layers? Bassam makes good use of layers from what I’ve seen.

Yeah I checked all of the layers and there were no bones.

I dont know then. I only intend on downloading it tomorrow. I tell you what, when I download it tomorrow I’ll take a look at it and see. Oh wait, maybe it is hidden. Have you tried Alt-H? Tell me what happens. Sorry I cant download it yet. Too busy today.

Yes it was hidden. Thank you!!