ManCandy FAQ

Hey guys, I’m watching the ManCandy FAQ and studying the blend files but I cant quite figure out how the IKFK controls for the arms work.

It seems that no matter what I set the IK_FK.R and IK_FK.L controls to, the right arm always wants to stay in FK and the left arm wants to stay in IK… I’m looking at the ManCandy_2.0.blend. Is ManCandy broken in 2.59?

You may need to do the driver fix

Plus I’m pretty sure the MCFAQ used a kind of hacky switcher because the animation system wasn’t quite able to do ik/fk switching then, I would look around for a more recent technique (try blendercookie while you are there)

Thanks jay. Ill check it out. Is ManCandy really outdated? Are there any other thorough and advanced rigging resources? ManCandy seemed to be the most in-depth to me.

Edit: Tried the link. Unfortunately it doesnt work.

I think waylow has updated a few old rigs for 2.5, MC being one of them- problem is that he did it too soon, py changes broke 'em again.