Mancandy - Is this a bug or not?

Is this a bug - in the latest version of Mancandy when I place a cube object beside Mr Candy then subdivide the cube once then try extruding one of the smaller faces I get odd things happening: not just the face I selected moves other edges move too - I’m using Blender 2.45.
Thanks for your help - cheers

I’m going to assume you added the cube in Object mode… regardless, it sounds like Proportional editing is on. Pressing the O-key should toggle it off for you.

Hi, yes you’re right I added the cube in Object mode and no it doesn’t appear to be Proportional editing. I think because the cube is in the Mancandy scene it’s somehow taken on the mirror modeling mode or something like that. I’ve attached a pic.


Try disabling “X-Axis Mirror” in the “Mesh Tools 1” panel under the Editing Panels in EditMode for the Cube.


That’s the answer - could kick myself for not spoting that.