Mancandy officially released

triple candy release
three versions of mancandy- 1.0 is the ‘original’, 2.0 works with blender 2.45, and 2.1 works with SVN. I don’t have a 1.1 (original that works with SVN), but if you really need it, I can make one (needs fixing some constraints to work with the new constraint refactor)
So get 'em before I change my mind :wink:
night folks

Thanks for sharing this amazing rig, Bassam.

So the next version of Blender will not be compatible with the 1.0 rig?

This book that I may or may not be writing was going to be using the 1.0 Rig (since it was a little simpler than the 2.0 Rig). Perhaps there is another simple but expression rich character that will work with the next version of blender.

WomanCandy, and BabyCandy could complete ManCandy’s lonely existence :wink:

Cheers Bassam, fantastic work as usual, have a great one. (nice renders of the three MenCandy’s BTW)

Doug Ollivier

Cool, but where are the control meshes in 2.1? :slight_smile:

(can only see them by selecting them in the outliner and entering edit mode, even though I’m using a recent svn version)

Wooh! You’re the man!

very nice! :slight_smile: 5*( you’ll have to imagine them though, as this forum section doesn’t have ratings)

the control meshes are hidden… if you want to see them in object mode , you can either unhide them in the outliner (the little eye icon) or hit alt-H to unhide everything at once in the 3d view… that’ll show everything, including the lattices/empties/curves that make up the rest of mancandy’s rig.
Alltaken, well, if you really want I can make a 1.1 rig… the reason 1.0 (or 2.0) don’t work is that action constraint target angles had a bug in older versions (including 2.45) of blender, so you had to enter the wrong angles (sometimes) to get the right rotations. That’s been fixed in SVN, thus breaking all the old rigs that (painfully) had to work around the old system. This includes (of rigs that I have released) Mancandy x.0 rigs, and Proog and Emo.
Fixing them is a matter of selecting each of the action constraints and re-doing the target angles rotations.
No WomanCandy… she’ll just be called “Candy” of course :wink:
thanks everyone , and Felix, thanks for the imaginary stars. We all know those are the best kind.

Heh, suddently I felt like a noob :o Thank you, didn’t notice they were grayed out :slight_smile:

*thanks the friendly person and starts playing with the new candy*

Whooo hoo! thanks Bassam!!! =D

Thanks! Excellent stuff as always.

This book that I may or may not be writing was going to be using the 1.0 Rig (since it was a little simpler than the 2.0 Rig). Perhaps there is another simple but expression rich character that will work with the next version of blender.

Have you seen Calvin’s hamster? That’s a pretty nice rig for beginners.

Thanks bugman, yeah the hamster looks good, i’ll take a close look at it. Something around the ManCandy 1.0 complexity I think is great for beginners.

well, as I said Alltaken, if you really want mancandy 1.0 to work with blender SVN it isn’t hard to make a 1.1 version for that purpose- just let me know. He should work fine with blender 2.45 already, though.
Good luck with the book!

how 'bout naming 'em, ‘ManCandy -simplified’ and ‘ManCandy’? :slight_smile:

I’ll stick with 1.x and 2.x series - I’m investigating ways of retaining the fexibility and getting back some simplicity for 3.x… so naming 1 simplified might become confusing then.
(I’ll probably fail though… there are ways to lump controls together, but if you push it too far it becomes less intuitive- but I hope I can figure out more things)

I’d like to add one thing to this:

It appears to me the skeleton is by default unselectable in the 3d view. (The button is next to the visibility button in the outliner.) So although i got to see the skeleton, I still couldn’t pose it. Making the skeleton selectable fixed this.

I thought I’d post this here, for people who are running into the same problem


Can’t wait to take him apart to see how the insides work! (I did that with clocks/radios when I was 5 too… not that that ever led to anything constructive)

Hi folks. Those of you who had trouble with 2.0 having an invisible and unselectable armature; you can redownload the file, I made it visible/selectable. Invisible is good for linking, visible is good for animating in the same file…

Hey Bassam,

This seems to imply that the current rig would be broken in SVN. Does this mean that there will not be a backwards compatibility? I’m working on a project that, on release of 2.50, will have hair and fur added and be ready to render thereafter. If this will break any compatibility, that wouldn’t be good, because the animation work should already be done by then…

Unless there will be a script that can convert the rig

ToastBusters: it should only really affect action constraints. All other constraints should load ok, although older versions may no longer read some of the files correctly.


Brilliant work! I have just done a rough blocking for the 11 sec club. Everything is perfectly under control so far.

I am really looking forward to your tutorial DVD.